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Two Tracks Mr. K Has Been Trying to Identify for Years

on Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:59 am
There are others but these two have become an obsession, particularly the first one, whose provenance is a complete mystery. The second one is a version of a famous song, but whose version?

I shall post them without comment. The lyrics of the first one are (as yet) nowhere to be found, nor are the rapped lyrics on the second one. Song recognition software has been tried (by other kind souls) to no avail.


Let's forget the John Farnham cover----either you know it or you don't.

As for the song with the silly video, here's all the information that might be relevant:

- These, to the best of my knowledge, are the lyrics.
The recording is incomplete:

Can I show you how much I love you
So I don't have to live without you
Would it be all right to say* forever
When you've already said never

Does it mean I'm lost without you
Does it mean I'll never have you
I'm lost without you
Does it mean I'll never have you

CHORUS [unintelligible----if only!]

Can I tell you how much I need you
'Cause I've ruined everything again
How can you tell me to move on with my life
When all I want is another try

Does it mean I'm lost without you
Does it mean I'll never have you

* I originally thought this was "stay"...

- It dates from no later than 2004. The lines in bold were posted (without comment) on September 13 of that year on an iffy website by someone (♀?) living in Canada.

- The uploader of the video, deathclaw555, is from Slovakia. This led me to think that the band might be from that part of the world. Also taking into account the singer's use of English (and her accent).  

- Jay at Smiley (and PSF these days) is convinced that it's American and that he's seen it on US TV. And Smiley mod Guitarfool2002 explained the use in the song of "Andy Summers chords". Thanks to those guys.

- At 1:35 you can hear what might be the title, sung twice. (The faint word heard "on the one" may be part of it.) Damned if I can decipher what it is she's singing. Now that would be one major step forward...

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