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A Beach Boys Calendar

on Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:52 pm
For entries in blue where no year is given, this can be assumed to be 1966, Brian and the Boys' seminal year in this compiler's opinion
All single, album and TV dates refer to the US (the Boys' country of origin) unless otherwise indicated
All US chart positions are from Billboard magazine and all UK positions from Record Retailer unless otherwise indicated
Please note: this is a calendar not a triumph of scholarship, it keeps me off the streets, OK?
[Last edited January 9th, 2017]

Grateful thanks primarily to AGD and Ian R. for setting me straight every so often and adding to the Calendar's accuracy
Needless to say, any remaining mistakes are my responsibility

1 In 1964 tracks of "Fun, Fun, Fun" and "Warmth Of The Sun" taped at this first Shut Down, Vol. 2 session
2 Now in complete control, Brian's first session at Western studio in 1963 yields the daffy "Punchline"
3 Van Dyke Parks, Brian's lyricist on Smile aka SMiLE, born 1943 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
4 In 1984 Dennis Wilson buried at sea off Santa Monica Bay
5 "Ten Little Indians" (a poor choice of single by Capitol) stalls at #49 in 1963
6 Beach Boys Concert certified gold by the Record Association Industry of America (RIAA) in 1965
7 The Beach Boys start their first tour of Japan, with Bruce taking Brian's place
8 In 1964, after recording all vocals for "Why Do Fools...", the Boys prepare for a first overseas tour (see January 13th)
9 In today's Smile session in 1967 Brian resumes work on "Wonderful" after a gap of three months
10 In 1964 Brian produces The Castells' vocals for "I Do", released as a single on March 9th
11 A productive session at Gold Star sees every aspect of "Do You Wanna Dance" recorded this day in 1965
12 The Boys' debut album, Surfin' Safari, reaches a respectable #32 slot in 1963
13 The Boys arrive in Sydney for a promotional visit prior to their tour "down under" in 1964
14 Brian Wilson Live At The Roxy Theatre released in the UK in 2002
15 In 1964 the Boys, supporting Roy Orbison and The Surfaris, play their first show in platypus country
16 Brian arrives by plane in Hawaii this day in 1983 for round-the-clock treatment by Eugene Landy and his team
17 "Surfin'" poised at #118 in 1961; it will mark the Boys' Top 100 debut five weeks later
18 The official start date of sessions for Pet Sounds
19 Massed instrumental overdubs done on "Let's Go Away For Awhile", a production milestone for Brian
20 The Beach Boys inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988; Mike makes his infamous speech
21 Footage of "Monster Mash" shot in Melbourne this day in 1964 features in Nigel Buesst's minifilm Fun Radio
22 "Wouldn't It Be Nice" revolutionizes accordion playing in pop in the Gold Star studio
23 "Dance, Dance, Dance" enters the UK charts in 1965. It will peak at #24
24 Tony Asher plucks while Brian depresses the keys for the piano intro to "You Still Believe In Me" (see November 1st)
25 In 1988 the Boys are the first band to receive the Award of Merit at the American Music Awards
26 Alan joins Brian for all nine US Pet Sounds 40th anniversary shows, including this one in San Diego, CA in 2007
27 Brian kicks off a four-day run at London's Royal Festival Hall in 2002 (see June 11th)
28 Bruce records the "vamping" piano tag for his composition "Tears In The Morning" in 1970
29 The Boys play "Surfin' Safari", "Runaway" and "Johnny B Goode" on stage in Wellington (NZ) in 1964
30 Sneaked out by Capitol, "Barbara Ann" spends the first of two weeks at #2
31 Hal Blaine elevates a Sparkletts spring-water bottle to the status of musical instrument in "Caroline No"

1 Three extra concerts today in Auckland (NZ) in 1964 with the Big O and The Surfaris
2 Steve Douglas's brief tenor sax solo find its way onto "Caroline No" today
3 "Darlin'" peaks at #19 in 1968 (see June Ist)
4 Two shows today (in Portland OR and Lacey WA) with Buffalo Springfield in 1968
5 First-call BB session drummer Hal Blaine (Harold Simon Belsky) born in Holyoke, Massachusetts, this day in 1929
6 Carl Wilson dies 1998
7 In 1964 The Beatles arrive at Kennedy Airport and Beatlemania hits America with a vengeance
8 "Surfin' Safari", "Surfer Girl", "Judy" and Carl's "Karate" committed to tape at World Pacific Studios in 1962
9 Sniggering and belching disrupts vocal sessions for "Ego", now renamed "I Know There's An Answer"
10 The Boys (with Bruce) share a Miami stage with ? & The Mysterians and The Electric Prunes in 1967
11 Three instrumentals for Surfin' USA ("Miserlou", "Honky Tonk" and "Let's Go Trippin'") recorded this day in 1963
12 Sessions for Dennis's "Pacific Ocean Blues", "Holy Man" and the still unreleased "Slow Booze" held in 1975
13 "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow" earns Brian his first Grammy in 2005 as Best Rock Instrumental Performance
14 "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" gets the electro-theremin treatment from Paul Tanner
15 Released as an A-side in the US in 1965, "Do You Wanna Dance" is the Boys' first and only hit featuring Dennis  
16 The Boys debut as a four-piece at LA's Rainbow Gardens in 1962, Alan having baled out shortly before  
17 First rehearsals of "#1 Untitled", better known as "Good Vibrations", at Western Recorders studio 3
18 Holland, mostly done in the US despite its European history, enters the UK charts this week in 1973
19 "Barbara Ann" enters the UK charts. It will peak at #3, their highest UK position to date
20 SMiLE gets its premiere at London's Albert Hall in 2004, 37 years after it was written
21 Brian, Mike and Alan avoid each other at the 2001 Grammies event on receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award
22 The Cascades (of "Rhythm Of The Rain" fame) help the Boys out at Seattle Opera House this day in 1964
23 Beach Boys' Party! enters the UK album charts this week where it too will reach #3 (see February 19th)
24 Sessions for "Help Me Rhonda" (1965) disrupted by heated exchanges between Brian and Murry
25 In Hawaii under Landy's care, Brian briefly rejoins the Boys for their show at Honolulu's NBC Arena in 1983
26 Oblivious to the logistics involved, the Boys discuss setting up a hi-tech studio in "Holland" in 1972
27 The 27th session for "Heroes and Villains" in 1967. It would take another six sessions to complete it
28 Blondie and Ricky announced as official members during an impromptu London press conference in 1972
29 Recording starts today in 1968 on "Little Bird", Dennis's first released composition with Stephen Kalinich

1 "Cool, Cool Water" and "Wouldn't It Be Nice" taped for the Boys' first David Frost Show appearance in 1971
2 The Boys release Shut Down, Vol. 2 in 1964 in response to a "Vol. 1", which capitalizes on their reputation
3 Alan's composition "California Saga: California" released in the UK in 1973. It will peak at #37
4 "I Can Hear Music", a Carl production, enters the UK charts in 1969. It will top out at #10
5 Brian produces the first single by The Honeys (Ginger, Diane and Marilyn) in 1963 (see April 8th)
6 The instrumental track of "I'm Waiting For The Day" laid down at Western Recorders studio
7 "Caroline No" released as a Brian solo. Anticipating a hit, Brian and the Boys tape thankyou radio spots
8 The Lost Beach Boy, David Marks' biography, issued in the UK today in 2007 (May 29th in the US)  
9 Wild Honey, a back-to-basics democratic production, peaks at #24 (this and next week) in 1968  
10 In this very early morning session Don Randi (?) suggests a staccato approach to the break in "God Only Knows"
11 Finally released across the Atlantic, Surfer Girl makes a belated entry in the UK album charts in 1967
12 Live versions of "Surfin' USA" and "Fun, Fun, Fun" videotaped for The Steve Allen Show in 1964
13 At Amsterdam's Pepsi Stage in 2004 BW Presents SMiLE to "the wonderful people of the Netherlands"
14 Three or more mono mixes of the song "Friends" made in 1968 at I.D. Sound in Hollywood
15 Michael Edward Love born 1941 in Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles
16 L.A. (Light Album), including an extended disco version of "Here Comes The Night", released in 1979
17 The album Wild Honey enters the UK charts this week in 1968. It will climb to #7
18 1968: sessions for "When A Man Needs A Woman". Mike is in the UK en route from India, high on TM
19 The sumptuous "All I Wanna Do" (as in Sunflower) goes through 39 takes at Gold Star this day in 1969
20 The Boys play the first of three sell-out concerts at Carnegie Hall in 1972
21 "Fun, Fun, Fun" peaks at #5 in the Billboard charts in 1964
22 One of Brian's dogs escapes from the tag session for "Caroline No" and wets several anonymous trouser legs
23 The Boys play Austin's Municipal Auditorium in 1967 aided by recent chart-toppers The Buckinghams
24 "Surfin'" peaks at #75 in the Billboard charts in 1962
25 The album Surfin' USA released in 1963. It features Brian's first "mood" piece, "Lonely Sea"
26 1968: tracking session for an initial (faster) version of what would become "Busy Doin' Nothing"
27 Mixing session in 1970 for The Flame's "Don't Worry Bill", a song later included in The Beach Boys' live set
28 Alan (the co-composer) and Brian "Wake The World" with a string overdub session in 1968
29 Stars at a BW tribute concert at NYC's Radio City Music Hall in 2001 include David Crosby and Paul Simon
30 20/20 enters the UK charts this week in 1969 and will rise to the number 3 spot
31 Session one of "Break Away" (1969) on which Brian shares author credits with "Reggie Dunbar" (Murry)

1 "Meant For You", the track that would open Friends, recorded in a mere three takes in 1968
2 Manager Murry fired by The Beach Boys in 1964; he would retaliate by taking on The Sunrays
3 Brian oversees the string overdubs for "Don't Talk", isolated for posterity on the Pet Sounds Sessions box set
4 The Beatles have the top five singles in the US today in 1964. A worried Brian: "They were goin' like crazy"
5 Carl embarks on a solo tour of clubs to promote his album Carl Wilson in 1981, first stop Chicago
6 An early BB session on bass for Carol Kaye today in 1965 for what would become "California Girls"
7 First of three consecutive nights in 2000 during which Brian and band record Live at the Roxy Theatre
8 "Shoot The Curl"/"Surfin' Down The Swanee River" released as a single in 1963 (see March 5th)
9 In 1965 Bruce debuts in Brian's place onstage in LA in a spare set of Alan's trousers three sizes too small
10 In 1967 Beatle Paul guests on celery at a "Vega-Tables" session and previews "She's Leaving Home" live
11 Carl, Brian and Bruce record the final vocals for "God Only Knows". Is this Bruce's finest hour? [1]
12 Best of the Beach Boys goes gold in 1967, their first compilation to do so
13 Final vocals (highly intricate in places) added to "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times"
14 Van Dyke quits the Smile sessions in 1967, largely as a result of Brian's dominance and Mike's criticism
15 Glen Campbell briefly resumes Brian's place on stage this week in 1965 as Bruce works on his bass parts
16 Beach Boys Today! enters the UK charts. It will peak at #6
17 Live versions of "Cotton Fields" and "Vegetables" (!) televised on TF2 TV in France in 1970
18 Monkee Davy Jones hosts an LA show in 1968 that also has Buffalo Springfield and Strawberry Alarm Clock
19 The all-important demo recorded in 1962. From it Nick Venet would buy "Surfin' Safari", "Lonely Sea" and "409"
20 "Friends", a chart entry this week in 1968, would be used to demonstrate 3/4 time at Berklee College
21 L.A. (Light Album) hits the UK charts in 1979 with Bruce back on board, also as co-producer
22 Glen Travis Campbell, session musician and Brian's first onstage replacement, born 1936 in Delight, Arkansas
23 "Sloop John B" enters the UK charts. Manfred Mann's "Pretty Flamingo" will keep it from the top slot
24 Panned by the critics from day one, "Good Vibrations - The Musical" ends its 14-month run on Broadway in 2005
25 The Boys' then publicist Derek Taylor makes an uncharacteristically creepy promo film for Pet Sounds
26 Inside Pop, the "Leonard Bernstein documentary" in which Brian performs "Surf's Up", aired in 1967
27 The "unhip" Beach Boys jam onstage with The Grateful Dead in 1971. Dylan: "They're fucking good, man"
28 Brian previews Pet Sounds to the Capitol bigwigs. Unimpressed, they reluctantly agree to release it
29 Brian to NME's Keith Altham in 1967: all 12 Smile tracks completed and "Vegetables" a possible next 45
30 Issued as a Brian Wilson solo single, "Caroline No" tops out at #32

1 Beach Boys Today! first peaks at #4 during a ten-week sojourn in the Top Five in 1965
2 Tony Asher, Brian's lyricist on most of the songs on Pet Sounds, born 1939 in London, UK
3 "Song Of The Gold Diggers", a rewrite of Foster's "Oh! Susannah", penned by 9-year-old Brian this day in 1952
4 Brian re-records the opening bass phrases of "Good Vibrations" (session 6) to his satisfaction
5 "Then I Kissed Her" released in 1967 in the UK to coincide with the Poll-Winners' Concert. A disastrous move?
6 In 1967 Derek Taylor announces in Disc and Music Echo that Smile has been "SCRAPPED"
7 "Sloop John B" reaches the number 3 spot
8 Originally entitled "Brian Loves You", The Beach Boys Love You enters the UK charts this week in 1977
9 Alan toys with "Cottonfields" on the castle piano while staying in Scotland during the 1967 European tour
10 Carl sings lead on "Help Me Rhonda" at a two-hour live broadcast on Radio Luxembourg in 1972
11 "I Get Around" released in the US in 1964 backed with one of the greatest B-sides ever, "Don't Worry, Baby"
12 The Girls On The Beach, in which the Boys mime to three songs, is premiered in US cinemas in 1965
13 The Boys with Blondie and Ricky play Rotterdam, the cultural heart of the Netherlands, in 1972
14 The Beach Boys Hits EP ("Rhonda", "California Girls", "The Little Girl", "Barbara Ann") enters the UK charts
15 The Boys wind up their latest US tour on the eve of a major musical event
16 Pet Sounds, "Brian's ego music", released in the US
17 Bruce hosts a "Pet Sounds" press conference at London's Waldorf Hotel; John and Paul attend
18 Smile '67 gets no further than this third consecutive day of session work on "Love To Say Dada" at Gold Star  
19 The vocal parts for "Girls On The Beach", a neglected gem, committed to tape in 1964
20 The Beach Boys Official State Landmark unveiled in Hawthorne in 2005. Brian, Alan and David Marks attend
21 In 1965 the Boys feature on the cover of Time magazine along with The Supremes and other acts
22 The Beach Boys Love You, its cover featuring Dean Torrence's art work, clambers up to #53 in 1977
23 Shut Down, Vol. 2 tops out at #13 (this and next week) in 1964
24 In 1963 the Boys play a fundraising dance promoted by one Fred Vail, thereafter a close associate
25 "Surfin' U.S.A." peaks at #3 in the singles charts in 1963
26 "Walk On By" and the early, Endless Harmony version of "Do It Again" taped at Brian's home studio in 1968
27 Brian at an emergency press conference in 1969: "The Beach Boys' empire is in deep financial trouble"
28 The Boys (including Bruce) play Reno NV on a West/Midwest tour in 1965; one support act is Glen Campbell
29 In 1975 Brian conducts the studio orchestra on "Why Do Fools Fall In Love?" for the group California Music
30 "Help Me Rhonda" (with Alan on lead vocals) in 1965 gives The Beach Boys their second US #1
31 The Boys "do" Hammersmith in 1969, supported in their endeavour by Paul Revere & The Raiders

1 Sharon Marie's "Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby", a Brian production later recycled by the BBs as "Darlin'", released in 1964
2 Sgt Pepper released in the US in 1967; the Smiley Smile story will begin tomorrow
3 In 1972 recording sessions start in rural Baambrugge (NL) on what would become the album Holland
4 One of Bruce's first vocal sessions for a Beach Boys recording is for "California Girls" at Columbia in 1965
5 Released this day in 2012, That's Why God Made the Radio exceeds the expectations of most fans
6 Brian, Carl, Bruce, Alan and Dennis record vocals for "Do It Again" this day in 1968
7 The third instrumental helping of "Vegetables" to be served with a Smiley Smile sauce in 1967
8 An initial version of "She Knows Me Too Well" recorded today in 1964 will eventually be discarded
9 In 1965 Brian receives the fateful letter "obliging" him to sign away Sea Of Tunes to Murry
10 Bruce introduces "The Nearest Faraway Place" to a delighted London audience at a show in 1969
11 Brian's solo album Pet Sounds Live, taken from four January shows at the Royal Festival Hall, released in 2002
12 Chuck Britz accompanies Brian to Western Recorders studios in 1963 as his engineer until 1967
13 Against all odds, Brian, David, Mike, Alan and Bruce reunite in 2006 on the Capitol Tower roof  
14 "Break Away" enters the UK charts in 1969. The ever-faithful UK fan base will propel it to #6
15 Brian inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2000
16 Remastered and re-released this day in 2008, Pacific Ocean Blue is given a returning hero's welcome
17 The ill-fated day in 1967 when the Boys were slated for the evening set at Monterey. Otis headlines instead
18 Pet Sounds enters the Top 20 at #14. It will barely scrape the Top Ten two weeks later
19 Charles Lloyd (flute and occasional sax on "Feel Flows") opens for the Boys at the Scope, Norfolk VA in 1978
20 Brian Douglas Wilson born 1942 at Centinela Hospital, Inglewood, Los Angeles
21 The Boys upstage headliner Elton John at the Midsummer Music Show in Wembley, London in 1975
22 Work begins in 1964 on "Don't Hurt My Little Sister", originally written by Brian for The Ronettes
23 "Shut Down" peaks at #23 in the Billboard singles charts in 1963
24 Released today in 1974, Endless Summer alerts a new generation to the Boys' music
25 "Surfin' USA" is The Beach Boys' first Top Ten hit in the US where it peaks at #3 this day in 1963
26 Brian and band romp home at the 2005 Glastonbury Festival in Somerset (UK)
27 Bruce Johnston born 1942; Pet Sounds released in the UK where it will reach #2
28 Carl And The Passions sees Blondie and Ricky debut on the UK charts this week in 1972
29 Alan's long-awaited studio album A Postcard from California released digitally this day in 2010
30 "Barbara Ann" b/w "Little Honda" unsuccessfully released in 1975 to promote yet another BB compilation

1 Free of Capitol, the Boys then fail to clinch the expected deal with Deutsche Grammophon in 1969
2 Murry Wilson, of Many Moods fame, born 1917 in Hutchinson, Kansas
3 Roger Christian, Brian's hot-rod lyricist, born 1934 in Buffalo, New York
4 "I Get Around" (1964) is The Beach Boys' first #1 in the US and the first in eight months by a US group
5 Best Of The Beach Boys released hot on the heels of Pet Sounds. Is this sabotage?
6 Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) certified gold by the RIAA
7 Terence William "Blondie" Chaplin born 1951
8 Surfin' U.S.A. (the album) hits #2 in 1963 (this and next week) during a year-long run
9 CSN&Y's 1974 reunion tour, with the Boys supporting (a contractual obligation), opens in Seattle
10 The Boys' cover of "Rock And Roll Music" released in the UK in 1976. It will get no higher than #36
11 "I Get Around" enters the UK charts in 1964. It will peak at #7, their first UK Top Ten hit
12 "Sloop John B" backing track recorded in a three-hour session in 1965
13 All Summer Long released in 1964; the Boys (including Brian) perform at Live Aid in Philadelphia in 1985
14 The Boys' first live (and taped) radio broadcast from Oxnard, CA, in 1962, includes the surf tune "Mr Moto"
15 In 1964 the Boys continue their Summer Safari Tour with two gigs at the Kiel Auditorium in St Louis, Missouri
16 Mike's sister Maureen plays harp on "In My Room" and "Catch A Wave" for the 1963 album Surfer Girl
17 Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) enters the UK charts this week. It will peak at #4
18 Brian announces the formation of Brother Records this day in 1967; Capitol is to continue distribution
19 Today in 1964 The Milwaukee Journal credits Mike with a falsetto voice and leadership of the group
20 Brian achieves his first chart-topping composition in 1963 with Jan & Dean's "Surf City", much to Murry's chagrin
21 The Lovin' Spoonful are a support act in "The Beach Boys Summer Spectacular" in Buffalo, NY
22 A minor planet discovered this day in 2000 has been named "(18125) Brianwilson"
23 The Boys play to 30,000 in Kansas City this day in 1976 with the Doobie Brothers and Jeff Beck
24 The last Brian/Venet co-production: "Pray For Surf" b/w "Hide Go Seek" for The Honeys in 1963
25 15 Big Ones, with Brian briefly "back" though only just, enters the UK charts this week in 1976
26 This 1968 session is the fourth (and last?) for a magnificent uncut gem also known as "Been Way Too Long"
27 "Do It Again" enters the UK charts in 1968 (see August 31st)
28 The BBs mime to an early tape of "Surfin' Safari" at a gig in the 1962 documentary One Man's Challenge
29 Enter Jack Rieley, who interviews Brian, Mike and Bruce on Radio Pacifica in 1970  
30 "God Only Knows" enters the UK charts. Only "Yellow Submarine" will keep it from reaching #1
31 Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) enters the Top 50 in 1965. It will peak at #2 in September

1 The second and last recording session at the Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, for the Concert album in 1964
2 Home alone, five musical hopefuls put all their food money into renting instruments to rehearse in 1961  
3 First instrumental tracking session (though not regarded as such at the time) for Smile
4 UK TV show Top Of The Pops plays "God Only Knows" to an edited version of the Pet Sounds film (see April 25th)
5 NBC TV's It's OK, including the notorious "Surf Squad" sketch, televised in 1976
6 "Break Away" fails to match its UK success, rising no higher than #63 in 1969
7 This day declared as "Al Jardine Day" by Lima, Ohio, Alan's birth place, in 1991
8 "She Knows Me Too Well" gets the vocal treatment at Western Recorders studio in 1964
9 Brian begins an initial track mix of "Good Vibrations", playing it through the phone to Carl on the 11th
10 All vocals for "When I Grow Up" overdubbed in 1964, Dennis's disruptive antics notwithstanding
11 The Andy Williams Show, in which the Boys sing "Little Cycle" [sic] with Andy, telecast in the UK in 1967
12 The instrumental recording for "Look" aka "I Ran" takes up the second of the Smile sessions
13 Seven thousand witness the Boys (with Bruce on bass) perform at the Duluth Arena Auditorium
14 Endless Summer, the compilation that introduced the Boys to a new generation, goes gold in 1974
15 Alan redoes 20/20's "Cotton Fields" (a non-US smash) in 1969 with sessionman Red Rhodes on steel guitar
16 In 1976 "Rock And Roll Music" gives the Boys their first Top Five hit since "Good Vibrations" a decade earlier
17 David sings "Louie Louie" and drums when Dennis sings "Silly Boy" at the Wayne County Fair, Homedale in 1963        
18 Murry's protégés The Sunrays open for the Boys at two shows in the Queen Elizabeth Theater, Vancouver
19 Stack-o-Tracks, a pre-karaoke-era sing-and-play-it-yourself package, released in 1968
20 "Surfin' U.S.A" makes it to #34 in the UK charts in 1963
21 The Boys play Hara Arena in Dayton, OH, during their North American tour of mid August to mid September 1975
22 David Lee Marks born 1948 in Erie, Pennsylvania; "Wipeout" (a surprise UK #2) enters the UK charts in 1987
23 Blondie gives "Wild Honey" his all on Boston Common in 1972
24 "Good Vibrations" enters its 18th recording session, with the familiar lyrics now supplanting Tony Asher's
25 Dennis joins the "Good Vibrations" sessions on organ and Brian grapples with a dodgy harpsichord
26 "Heroes And Villains" peaks at #12 (this and next week) in 1967; and released this week in the UK
27 "God Only Knows" peaks at #2 in the UK; it would get no higher than #39 in the US a month later
28 15 Big Ones peaks at #8 in 1976, the Boys' first US Top Ten album since Pet Sounds
29 Brian "busy being a genius", according to a press report explaining his absence from two Chicago shows
30 Fun, Fun, Fun, a UK EP (also comprising "Room", "LD Coupe" and "Fools") enters the UK charts in 1964
31 "Do It Again" reaches #1 in the UK in 1968, while the Boys' US status is at an all-time low

1 Rachel & The Revolvers' "The Revo-Lution", a Brian production co-written with Gary Usher, released about now in 1962
2 SMiLE is the centrepiece of the Brian Wilson Band's 2005 concert at the Greek Theatre, Berkeley CA
3 Alan Charles Jardine born 1942 in Lima, Ohio
4 "California Girls" spends its second week at #3 in 1965; it also enters the UK charts this week
5 "Little Miss America", Dennis's first recorded solo, committed to tape in 1962; Ricky Fataar born 1952  
6 Third and last session in 1968 of "We're Together Again". It would remain unreleased until 1990
7 In 1963 the Boys play Lagoon, Farmington, which would later get a mention in "Salt Lake City"
8 Sessions begin in 1965 on Beach Boys' Party!, the mother and father of all unplugged albums
9 In 1964 Brian works on arrangements for "I'm So Young", the "2fer" version with flute and big drum fills
10 In 2005 Brian takes part in a telecast benefit concert to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina
11 First of two sessions for "Never Learn Not To Love", Dennis's take on Manson's "Cease To Exist", today in 1968
12 The third night in 2007 for Brian's That Lucky Old Sun (a Narrative) at London's Royal Festival Hall
13 In 1962 Brian works on "The Surfer Moon" for Bob & Sheri, Bob (Norberg) being Brian's roommate at the time
14 "Surfer Girl" peaks at #7 (this and next week) in the singles charts in 1963
15 The Boys rehearse and record a demo of "Surfin'" at Hite and Dorinda Morgan's home studio in 1961
16 Dennis's solo album Pacific Ocean Blue released in 1977 to glowing reviews
17 "Wouldn't It Be Nice" peaks at #8
18 Smiley Smile released in 1967. Greeted with dismay at the time, its qualities are now acknowledged
19 All Summer Long finishes a five-week stint at #4 in 1964
20 Only Dennis sings overdubs at this Smile session tantalizingly shrouded in mystery
21 A second week at the anchor position in the Top 20 for "Do It Again" in 1968
22 "Good Vibrations" finally mixed and ready in the early hours, the fruits of 22 sessions (94 hours)
23 Dean Torrence sings lead on "Barbara Ann" on the final day of sessions for Beach Boys' Party! in 1965
24 A surprise guest sings "Surfer Girl" and "Love and Mercy" at the 10th annual UK Beach Boys Convention in 1988
25 Surfin' U.S.A. finally debuts on the UK album charts in 1965. It will peak at #17
26 Brian attends (and plays piano on) a Phil Spector session for the latter's famous Christmas album in 1963
27 In 1967 Paul Tanner tops off yesterday's work on "Wild Honey" with a flourish on his self-built electro-theremin
28 Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE released in the US in 2004, a day after its UK release
29 In 1964 "I Get Around" is The Beach Boys' first Top Ten UK hit----and by no means the last
30 The BBs, The Hondells and Jan & Dean ride the wild charts this day in 1964 with songs co-written by Brian    

1 Surfin' Safari, the Boys' first album, released in 1962. Its most innovative track: "The Shift"
2 "It's O.K." is the Boys' last respectable US hit (the first of two weeks at #29 in 1976) until "Kokomo" 12 years later
3 The Pendletones record the first studio-quality version of "Surfin'" at World Pacific Studios in 1961
4 The Beach Boys In Concert double LP certified gold by the RIAA in 1974
5 The Endless Summer compilation hits the top slot in 1974, bringing a sea change in the Boys' fortune
6 A horn (or rather trumpet) overdub session for Dennis's magnificent "Slip On Through" in 1969
7 Little Deuce Coupe, the "car album", released in 1963 three unit-shifting weeks after Surfer Girl
8 Brian swears that the film he just saw, Seconds, was set up by Phil Spector to freak him out
9 In 1964 Brian supervises the final, all-in session for "Dance, Dance, Dance" on which the Boys also play
10 Vocal overdubbing for the Smile version of "Wind Chimes" proceeds as "Good Vibrations" is released
11 Vocals for "Home On The Range" recorded. Is this when Dennis's "Truck driving man" comes into the equation?
12 The 3rd session for Wild Honey the album takes place at Brian's home studio in Bel Air in 1967
13 "Surfin' Safari" peaks at #14 (this and next week) in the singles charts in 1962
14 Brian produces the track for "Guess I'm Dumb" in 1964 for Glen Campbell, his original onstage replacement
15 In 1965 Brian supervises the orchestral recording of the unsettling "Three Blind Mice", a harbinger of things to come
16 "Bluebirds Over The Mountain" gets the 20/20 treatment today in 1968  
17 "When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)" peaks at #9 (this and next week) in 1964
18 The inaugural Carl Wilson Walk Against Cancer and Benefit Concert takes place in 1998
19 The third of five days of rehearsals for the forthcoming European tour (see October 25th)
20 Work begins in earnest on the instrumental tracking of "Heroes and Villains"
21 Brian produces (and co-authors with Mike) Sharon Marie's first single "Runaround Lover" in 1963
22 Brian oversees the first live performance of "Good Vibrations" and ends up onstage doing "Johnny B. Goode"
23 In The Jack Benny Hour recorded today in 1965 Benny and Bob Hope "hang ten" with the BBs
24 "When I Grow Up" (with Dennis playing the unusual drum part) spends a second week at #9 in 1964
25 The Boys open their European tour at the Olympia Theatre, Paris, with new French idol Michel Polnareff
26 The Boys mime to "Good Vibrations" on their sole TV appearance during the tour that began yesterday
27 Around now, tickets for the Boys' November 6th show at London's Finsbury Park sell out in one day
28 Townshend on Brian: "His world has nothing to do with pop" which is about "being out on the road and getting drunk"
29 Rehearsed on the 28th, the TAMI Show is filmed today in 1964. A legal dispute would see the Boys' footage pulled  
30 The Boys' 1964 show in Worcester, MA, is stopped after 14 minutes due to rioting crowds
31 The Hondells (a Gary Usher studio concoction) take their version of "Little Honda" to #9 in 1964

1 The SMiLE Sessions released in 2011. It would go Top 20 in Sweden (#9!), Norway and the Netherlands
2 The Boys' first ever UK press conference held in 1964. Dennis: "I wanna buy your fastest car and race it here"
3 Mike buys his famous pipe at a local market in Denmark before the European tour moves on to Stockholm
4 David Felton's "The Healing of Brother Bri" published in Rolling Stone in 1976 in the wake of 15 Big Ones
5 Brian later claims to have known nothing about "Kokomo", a surprise US #1 for the Brian-less Boys in 1988
6 Instrumental track and BB vocals for the BW-Roger Christian song "I Do" recorded and mixed in 1963
7 The Boys perform "When I Grow Up" live for BBC TV's Open House during their first visit to the UK in 1964
8 Under legal age at the time, Carl, Dennis and David get court approval for their Capitol contracts in 1962
9 The Beach Boys Christmas Album and "The Man With All The Toys" released simultaneously in 1964
10 Brian well into the third week of his US tour promoting and signing copies of his "autobiography" in 1991
11 In 1994 the first ever auction of rock memorabilia by Christie's in NYC includes guitars belonging to the BB
12 God Only Knows EP (also comprising "Here Today", "Sloop John B" and "Wouldn't It...") enters the UK charts
13 In 1962 the Boys (less Alan, plus David) sign a new "improved" contract with a satisfied Capitol Records
14 Orange Crate Art, a Van Dyke Parks--Brian Wilson collaboration, released in 1995
15 4 By The Beach Boys EP ("Wendy", "Don't Back Down", "Honda" and "Hushabye") enters the UK charts in 1964
16 "Good Vibrations" hits the UK #1 spot in the NME charts
17 Two empty Coke cans feature in 1965 sessions for "Run James Run" (much later retitled "Pet Sounds")
18 Smiley Smile, the bewildering follow-up to Pet Sounds, enters the UK charts in 1967
19 "Kokomo" (from the Tom Cruise vehicle Cocktail) enters the UK charts in 1988, later stalling at #25
20 "Surfin'" first released on Candix around this time in 1961; The Pendletones become The Beach Boys
21 Jackie DeShannon features in the Boys' first Scandinavian show at the Konserthuset, Stockholm in 1964
22 Brian and Mike finish writing "The Warmth Of The Sun" in 1963 hours before JFK's assassination
23 The first of two weeks peaking at #7 in 1963 for Surfer Girl, the Boys' third album
24 Friends, Brian's favourite Beach Boys album, first graces the UK charts this week in 1968
25 "Wild Honey" (the single) enters the UK charts in 1967. It will peak at #29 (#31 in the US)
26 Eugene Ellsworth Landy, Ph.D., who certainly saved Brian's life but then nearly killed him later on, born 1934
27 Brian performs "Good Vibrations" and two other songs solo at a piano on Saturday Night Live in 1976
28 Brian records "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow", also known as "Fire"; his long descent into ill health arguably begins here
29 Surf's Up, featuring Carl's double debut as a composer, enters the UK charts this week in 1971
30 Dennis adds his lead vocal to "My Only Sunshine" (see November 14th)

1 The white-suited Beach Boys kick off a ten-day UK sell-out tour in 1968 at the London Palladium
2 In 2007 Brian receives a Kennedy Center Honors Award for a "lifetime of contributions to American culture"  
3 The Boys topple The Beatles in the World Vocal Group category in the annual poll held by the UK pop weekly NME
4 Dennis Wilson born 1944; his solo 45 with Daryl Dragon, "Sound of Free" b/w "Lady", released 1970 in the UK
5 Beach Boys Concert, their most successful non-compilation, begins a five-week run at #1 in 1964
6 A fuming Mike quizzes Van Dyke on the subject of crows and cornfields; one more nail in the coffin of Smile '67  
7 The then underrated Sunflower will stall at #29 after entering the UK charts this week in 1970
8 In 1970 the BBs and The Flame do a benefit concert in Paris, some of which is filmed (see April 17th)
9 The Boys hear "Surfin'" played on KFWB in 1961. Dennis: "Nothing will ever top the expression on Brian's face, ever..."
10 Released more than nine years before, Best Of The Beach Boys, Vol. 2 goes gold in 1976
11 "Good Vibrations" spends one week at #1 in the US
12 Beach Boys' Party! enters the Top Ten this day in 1965. It will peak at #6 three weeks later
13 Brian multitracks "You're Welcome", the future B-side of "Heroes and Villains", also worked on today
14 Brian's first "external" songwriting partner, Gary Usher, born 1938 in San Gabriel, CA
15 Smiley Smile, "a bunt instead of a grand slam", gets no further than #41 in 1967
16 Surfer Girl certified gold in 1965 by the RIAA, the fifth BB album to gain this distinction
17 After an abortive BB session for CBS TV, Brian performs a first take of "Surf's Up" at Columbia
18 "Dance, Dance, Dance" peaks at #8 (this and next week) in 1964
19 The Madison Square Garden concert this day in 1973 features a rare live performance of "Little Saint Nick"
20 "Good Vibrations" certified gold by the RIAA within 11 weeks of its release
21 Carl Dean Wilson born 1946
22 The Boys add vocals to the "Sloop John B" track in 1965
23 In 1964 Brian suffers a major panic attack on a flight to Houston; he would soon stop touring altogether
24 "Susie Cincinnati", written and sung by Alan, gets the first of three studio sessions this day in 1969
25 The Beach Boys' Christmas Album includes the perfect track for this occasion
26 Released this day in 1963 in the US, The Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand" unleashes the British Invasion
27 Bruce accompanies himself on piano on "Disney Girls" for UK TV's The Old Grey Whistle Test in 1975
28 Dennis Wilson dies 1983
29 Billy Strange overdubs a 12-string line for "Sloop John B" in 1965; Brian gives him the guitar and amp
30 The Newbeats, who recently charted with "Bread And Butter", share this Louisville, KY, gig in 1964
31 The Boys end 1974 without Dennis on ABC's New Year's Rockin' Eve hosted by their friends Chicago

[1] Yes
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Re: A Beach Boys Calendar

on Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:53 am
Mr. K wrote:JANUARY

24 Tony Asher plucks while Brian depresses the keys for the piano intro to "You Still Believe In Me" (see November 1st)

You can hear part of that session in the first two minutes:

"Maybe I put too much faith in atmosphere." (J.P. Donleavy)
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Re: A Beach Boys Calendar

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:31 pm
Mr. K wrote:

8 "Surfin' Safari", "Surfer Girl", "Judy" and Carl's "Karate" committed to tape at World Pacific Studios in 1962

"Maybe I put too much faith in atmosphere." (J.P. Donleavy)
"Old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones" (Alberto Semprini)
"I don't want to go out. I want to stay in. Get things done." (David Bowie)
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Re: A Beach Boys Calendar

on Mon Mar 26, 2018 9:42 am
Mr. K wrote:MARCH

26 1968: tracking session for an initial (faster) version of what would become "Busy Doin' Nothing"

Would this have been "Even Steven" from the "Bedroom Tapes"? Yes it is! Smiley's c-man has some interesting information on the subject:

"Maybe I put too much faith in atmosphere." (J.P. Donleavy)
"Old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones" (Alberto Semprini)
"I don't want to go out. I want to stay in. Get things done." (David Bowie)
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Re: A Beach Boys Calendar

on Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:38 am
Mr. K wrote:APRIL
13 Final vocals (highly intricate in places) added to "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times"

"Maybe I put too much faith in atmosphere." (J.P. Donleavy)
"Old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones" (Alberto Semprini)
"I don't want to go out. I want to stay in. Get things done." (David Bowie)
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Re: A Beach Boys Calendar

on Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:49 pm
Mr. K wrote:APRIL
25 The Boys' then publicist Derek Taylor makes an uncharacteristically creepy promo film for Pet Sounds

You may be able to see it here:

"Maybe I put too much faith in atmosphere." (J.P. Donleavy)
"Old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones" (Alberto Semprini)
"I don't want to go out. I want to stay in. Get things done." (David Bowie)
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Re: A Beach Boys Calendar

on Mon May 07, 2018 7:42 am
Mr. K wrote:MAY
7 "Sloop John B" reaches the number 3 spot [in the US]

To think I got sick and tired of hearing this and "God Only Knows" in 1966. My, times change.  

"Maybe I put too much faith in atmosphere." (J.P. Donleavy)
"Old ones, new ones, loved ones, neglected ones" (Alberto Semprini)
"I don't want to go out. I want to stay in. Get things done." (David Bowie)
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Re: A Beach Boys Calendar

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