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Rules and Guidelines for ThE BeaCHy HeAds Empty Rules and Guidelines for ThE BeaCHy HeAds

on Sun Jan 07, 2018 8:50 pm
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Welcome to ThE BeaCHy HeAdS!

A grassroots fan based message board about The Beach Boys, Other Artists, Other topics, and Creative Endeavors

Here are a few basic common sense rules and guidelines or to put it simply: Don`t be an asshole.

1. Freedom of Speech: Opinions are encouraged, especially informed opinions. What we don`t like: Racial and ethnic slurs, offensive remarks concerning one`s personal religious or nonreligious beliefs, appearance shaming, homophobic remarks, sexist remarks, hateful and abusive comments, threats towards the staff or other members either in public or in private messages, slurs towards the members of The Beach Boys or their families, and harassment or cyber-bullying in any form.

2. No spam. No links that contain a computer virus or other forms of malware. No links to images with pornographic content. No violations of applicable laws.

3. Bootlegs can be discussed. You can even say the word 'bootleg'. However no links to sellers of bootlegs, no selling of bootlegs yourself, no advertising of bootlegs, no distribution of bootlegs on the public forum. What you do in private is your business. You can link to Youtube videos of bootlegs. What Youtube does with those is their business.

4. Treat other members with respect and you will be treated likewise. Be supportive of anyone who may need it. Do not disclose personal information about yourself on the public forum. Keep your private life private unless it is something you really want to say in public. Hackers and trolls love this stuff.

5. Any member of staff has the right to edit or delete any post considered inappropriate. We can ban you either temporarily or permanently. You can contact any of us if you have a complaint, are receiving spam, unwelcome PMs, or suspicious links.

6. Guests and browsers can read the forum, but are unable to post comments. You must become a member in order to do that.

7. Foul language is okay, just don`t be excessive about it. There may be children viewing this forum, hopefully with supervision.

8. Name calling and cheap shots are okay, just don`t get carried away with it. Be mature enough to accept a few insults. (Satire and Parody are excluded.)

9. Since there are some creative types here, we often post our stuff. We do not own copyrights, but please follow local copyright laws where others are concerned. We are not responsible if original material is stolen by a third party.

10. We want everyone to have a pleasant and informative visit with us! Welcome!

11. We are only accepting new members on the basis of these criteria: a) We know you in real life; b) We know you from Facebook or other social media; c) We know of you as a member of good standing on another forum; d) You are recommended by someone we know meeting the previous criteria. All members must be approved by a member of staff.

12. If you are directly quoting a post from another message board, as a courtesy be sure to ask the permission of the poster, whether they are a member of this board or not. This is to avoid any future complaints or other hassles. Paraphrasing another poster from another message board is permitted as long as you give credit. Thanking and posting a song, article, etc. from another poster from another message board is also permitted.
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